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Repair Tape for Greenhouse

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Repair Tape for Greenhouse 


1. 100% long-enduring vinyl film material usedWe used long-enduring vinyl film, one of the highest quality material, to significantly enhance the product elasticity, life and quality.

2. Best bonding adhesive usedThe special bonding adhesive Magic Green uses allows long hours of adhesion compared to peer products from competitors.

3. Resistant to temperature changeThe high quality bonding adhesive used for the product does not freeze or melt down and maintains its high adhesion and viscosity under extreme temperatures.

4. Highest elasticityAlong with bonding adhesive and quality of film, elasticity is one of the essential qualities that vinyl greenhouses must have as they have to be sturdy and robust against external impact such as wind. Without high elasticity, tapes can be severed due to strong external impact. Magic Green tapes are extremely elastic to endure strong winds.