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It is machine used to bind fruits crops such as grapes. Cucumbers, sesame, pumpkins, kiwi, tomatoes and redpeppers.
The MagicBinder is simple and can do the work of several people(Attaching 2 elastic springs and blade 1 for handle achieve simple repair.
The binder comes with spare parts.) It is affordable so a back up machine is worth purchasing.
The MB-2000 and MB-3000 does not pollute the ground with scraps of tape.
If used correctly the machine is durable. It is simple to use and light.
It is inexpensive so it makes having a spare machine an affordable option.



Stand model.

MB-1000 has simple operation and less trouble. MB-1000 is very convenient because it does not require a separate holder for a string. However, MB-1000 can make iron scraps when binding tape gets tightened during winter.





MB-2000 is an improved model of MB-1000 and it does not make iron scraps. MB-2000 has less troubles because its head(driver) has a built in a holder for tape cutting which prevents binder from being deformed caused by wire or twig being caught when head(driver) rises while biting a tape. MB-2000 is especially suitable for handling chili pepper because it is equipped with a holder for fixing a string.





MB-3000 is an improved model of MB-2000. For MB-3000, a play occurs by installing a device in back gripper of a tape which helps cutting.

Tape crack has been minimized because back gripper can move backward and forward while biting a tape by a play of back gripper which can prevent tape from being torn which is caused by vulnerability of binding tape to temperature. MB-3000 is useful for long work because it is capable of cutting smoothly and correctly.



MB-4000 is an improved model of MB-3000. MB-4000 is useful for long work because power connected can be moved smoothly backward and forward by interaction of a holder for cutting and back gripper by expanding the play of back gripper of a tape and giving a play to a holder for tape cutting.


weight/ 1ea



gross weight









The tape is well equipped with assistive devices that were truncated.



Auxiliary device to avoid tearing the tape forward bite coming up



In addition, when a knife to cut the tape, leaving the center of the front and back of the tape gives a push to cut the tape without error given.



  • length:31cm
  • weight:495g



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